Delhi government is working on new EV policy


Delhi state government has started drafting a new EV policy for the next three years. The upcoming policy will focus on areas such as increasing private vehicle ownership and establishing private charging stations. To note, the previous Delhi Electric Vehicles Policy 2020 will expire this August, with around 86% of its targets achieved.

What were the targets of EV policy 2020?

Back in 2020, the Delhi government had set a target of 25% of new vehicle registrations to be EVs by 2024. A fully-electric car fleet for the government by 2023, inducting 8,000 electric buses by 2025, 70% of public transport bus fleet to be EV by 2025, and a 100% EV delivery service fleet by 2025 were some of the other targets.

What can the new policy entail?

The upcoming EV policy is expected to lay focus on the electrification of trucks in the state, offer incentives like toll fee exemptions and parking charge waivers to EV users, and ensure cheaper and easier financing while purchasing EVs. Setting up “green zones in sensitive and strategic locations” might also be done to promote the usage of EVs.

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