Apple cancel electric car projecr

Apple Will Not launch its Electric Car, Know its reason


If you are waiting for the Apple electric car than there is a bad news for you. As per the information Apple has decided to halt its current plans for introducing an electric car.

Company is discontinuing its Special Projects Group, which was focused on developing electric vehicles. This development suggests the termination of Apple’s endeavor to rival Tesla in the automotive sector.

It is reported that thousands of employees were engaged in this project, but it was not well-aligned with Apple’s core businesses in electronics and online services.

Here, Know about this in detail.

Apple Electric Car

According to Bloomberg, in 2014, there was a report about Apple’s desire to make electric cars for the first time.

At that time, the company had recruited automotive engineers and other talents. However, there was very little information available at that time about Apple’s plans.

The company launched a program with sensor and safety drivers around the San Francisco Bay Area to operate autonomous Apple-owned cars.

Several reorganizations occurred within Apple’s Special Projects Group, including the inclusion of layoffs in 2019. According to Bloomberg, some Apple employees from the car division could join the generative artificial intelligence (AI) team.

The company has other automotive-related projects, including its Infotainment CarPlay software. Apple’s car project was part of its internal efforts to explore technologies that the company could develop with significant potential markets.

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