Car Tips: Why is nitrogen filled in the tires of vehicles and what are its benefits?

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Everyone does the work of filling air in the tires of a car or bike. Nowadays you must have heard that it is better to fill nitrogen in tires instead of normal air. Vehicle experts also advise people driving on the highway to fill nitrogen in the tires instead of normal air.
So, let us know why nitrogen air is filled in vehicles and what are its benefits.

Why is nitrogen needed?

People have been using ordinary air in vehicles for a long time. It contains gases like 78 percent nitrogen, 20 percent oxygen and the rest carbon dioxide.
This air expands after heating. which creates more pressure on the tires and due to this there is a possibility of tire damage.
Whereas nitrogen contains only nitrogen gas. It is cool and does not expand after heating.

How is nitrogen better than ordinary air in tires?

Normal air contains little moisture due to oxygen and due to this it affects the rim and it is prone to rust.
This is not with the nitrogen. That’s why nitrogen air is also used in the wheels of Formula One racing cars and Aeroplanes.

Less risk of tire burst

Due to Nitrogen, tires perform better in all weather conditions. Also it is convenient to drive.
If you fill the tire with ordinary air, the risk of tire burst increases due to high temperature during long drive. On the other hand, the use of nitrogen gas reduces the possibility of tire burst by about 90 percent and it also reduces the discomfort of the driver.

From where to fill Nitrogen?

Nitrogen air is easily available at any petrol pump. For this you have to pay 20 to 25 rupees per tyre. However, at some petrol pumps it is filled for free.

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