History of Honda Activa Scooter: A Revolution on Wheels

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The Honda Activa has emerged as an iconic name in the world of scooters, revolutionizing the way people commute. Since its launch, the Activa scooter has been much more than just a vehicle; it has become a symbol of reliability, convenience, and innovation in the two-wheeler industry.

Honda Activa scooter is the best-selling scooter in the country. This scooter was launched 22 years ago and till now 3 crore units of Activa have been sold in the country. This two-wheeler has an important impact in the success of Honda in the country.

Let’s take a ride through the fascinating history and unique features that have made the Honda Activa an unrivaled legend on the roads.

The launch of the Honda Activa Scooter

Introduced in the Indian market by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) in 2001, the Activa was a game-changer. It aimed to bridge the gap between a traditional scooter and a modern, efficient vehicle.

It was a time when motorcycles dominated the market, and the Activa was a breath of fresh air with its automatic transmission, appealing design, and ease of use.

It was able to run at a top speed of about 80 kilometers per hour. At that time its price was kept at Rs 48,000. In India this scooterΒ competed with Bajaj’s older Chetak scooter, which was priced at around Rs 37,000. Due to better performance people started buying Activa.

Innovation of Honda Activa

What set the Activa apart was its continuously variable transmission (CVT), eliminating the need for shifting gears, making it exceptionally user-friendly, especially for city commuting.

Its lightweight yet durable body, combined with a reliable engine, resonated with consumers, earning their trust and loyalty. And that is why With each passing year, Honda made significant improvements, introducing newer models, and upgrading features to meet evolving customer needs. The Activa’s reliability and fuel efficiency struck a chord with a wide demographic, making it a preferred choice for daily commuters, professionals, and families alike.

After its launch in 2009, this scooter got its first update and combi-brake system was added to it. After the update, this scooter started selling more rapidly.
In 2015, the company launched the third generation model of this scooter. In this the look of the scooter was updated.
Later in 2017, the company launched its fourth generation model. The fifth generation model of Activa was launched in 2020 and the sixth generation model was launched in 2022.

Riding the Waves of Success

The Activa’s success can be attributed to its blend of practical features. The under-seat storage space, a convenient mobile charging port, and the superior Combined Braking System (CBS) for added safety were industry-firsts. These features, coupled with Honda’s commitment to quality, propelled the Activa to the zenith of popularity.

Honda’s Activa scooter has crossed the sales mark of 3 crore units in 22 years. Launched in 2001, Activa took one year to sell 55,000 units.
After this, the scooter gained such momentum that the next 10 lakh units were sold in just 3 years. It took 15 years for the company to sell its first 10 million units, while the next 20 million units were sold in just 7 years.

Environmental Consciousness

Honda’s dedication to eco-friendliness was reflected in the Activa’s engines compliant with stringent emission norms. The introduction of fuel-injected engines further enhanced fuel efficiency while reducing emissions, aligning with global sustainability goals.

Cultural Impact and Global Expansion: Beyond its utility, the Activa became a cultural icon. Its popularity extended beyond India’s borders, prompting Honda to introduce it in various international markets, where it continues to capture hearts and roads.

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