Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki Files 3 Patents: Uncover the Company’s Strategy


Maruti Suzuki, a leading automobile manufacturer in India, is gearing up to make a significant impact in the electric car segment in the upcoming years.

The company has recently made headlines by filing patents for innovative concepts under the names ‘Charge Hub’ and ‘Smart Charge’, signaling its strategic focus on electric vehicles (EVs).

The filing of these patents indicates Maruti’s intention to establish a strong foothold in the electric vehicle market. With the global shift towards sustainable transportation, Maruti aims to leverage its expertise and reputation to become a key player in the EV segment.

These patents suggest that Maruti is actively working on developing new technologies and solutions to address the growing demand for electric mobility.

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Maruti’s First Electric will be eVX

One of the key initiatives mentioned in the patents is the launch of the eVX, Maruti’s first electric car. Set to be unveiled by the end of the year, the eVX is expected to offer competitive features and performance to cater to the evolving needs of consumers.

Additionally, Maruti plans to introduce a total of six electric vehicles by the end of the decade, demonstrating its commitment to embracing electric mobility on a larger scale.

Furthermore, the patents hint at Maruti’s plans to revolutionize the concept of carpooling with the introduction of the ‘Poolcar’ service. This innovative service could potentially redefine urban commuting by offering convenient and cost-effective shared mobility solutions.

By trademarking the name ‘Poolcar’, Maruti aims to position itself as a pioneer in the carpooling space, catering to the growing demand for sustainable transportation options.

Maruti also plans to establish a network of charging

In addition to launching electric vehicles and innovative mobility services, Maruti also plans to establish a network of charging infrastructure to support the adoption of electric vehicles.

The ‘Charge Hub’ concept mentioned in the patents involves setting up charging stations with multiple charging points at strategic locations such as shopping malls, office complexes, highway rest areas, and public parking lots.

This infrastructure expansion initiative is aimed at addressing one of the key challenges hindering the widespread adoption of electric vehicles – the lack of adequate charging infrastructure.

Moreover, Maruti’s focus on developing a user-friendly and accessible charging network is evident from the trademarking of the name ‘Smart Charge’.

This initiative aims to introduce standalone charging points that can be easily installed at retail stores, roadside parking areas, and other public places.

By offering convenient access to charging facilities, Maruti aims to encourage more consumers to switch to electric vehicles and contribute to a greener future.

Overall, Maruti Suzuki’s recent patent filings reflect its ambitious plans to lead the electric vehicle revolution in India. With a strong focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer-centric solutions, Maruti is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of mobility in the country.