Suzuki has achieved a milestone of producing 1 million two-wheeler vehicle


The two-wheeler manufacturer Suzuki Motorcycle India has set a new record in the production of two-wheeler vehicles. The company has crossed the milestone of producing 1 million bikes and scooters in the current financial year.

The 10 millionth two-wheeler to roll out from Suzuki’s plant was the Suzuki Access scooter. Achieving this milestone took less than 12 months.

It demonstrates the full utilization of the plant’s annual production capacity.

Let’s know about this in details.

Suzuki Per Year Production

Rajneesh Kumar Mehta, the Executive Vice President of Suzuki, stated that they have exceeded an annual capacity of 1 million units to meet the rising demand for Suzuki’s two-wheeler vehicles both domestically and internationally.

He also mentioned that efforts have been made by their workforce and engineers to enhance the distributed capacity while running the plant at its maximum capability.

It’s noteworthy that operations for the Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer commenced here in February 2006.

Last month, Suzuki witnessed a 13 percent annual increase in the sales of its two-wheeler vehicles, totaling 95,762 units (including domestic and export sales).

This comprised 80,511 bikes and scooters sold in the domestic market and 15,251 exported units. Monthly sales saw a 20 percent surge.

In December 2023, the company reported a total of 79,483 sales for all two-wheeler vehicles.