Toyota Sales Report in February 2024, know how much units sold?

Sales Report

Toyota, the car manufacturer, has recorded its highest-ever increase in wholesale sales in February. Today (March 1), the company issued its sales report.

According to the report, it sold 25,220 vehicles last month, marking a 61% increase compared to the wholesale sales of 15,685 vehicles in February 2023.

During this period, 23,300 purchases were made in the domestic market, while 1,920 vehicles were exported. In this article know about the sales report of Toyota in February.

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Toyota Sales Report in February 2024

The automaker had previously recorded its highest monthly sales in January as well. Last month, it sold a total of 24,609 vehicles (domestic and export).

This was a 92% increase on an annual basis compared to the sale of 12,835 cars in January 2023. In the domestic market, the company acquired 23,197 customers, while 1,412 Toyota Urban Cruiser Hybrids were exported. Prior to this, in December 2023, 22,867 vehicles were sold.

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