Toyota Sales Report of January 2024, Sold more than 24,000 cars

Sales Report

Car maker Toyota has released its sales report of January 2024. As per the report company has recorded its highest ever monthly sales in January and demand of Toyota SUVs seems to be all time high in India.

According to the company’s sales report, Toyota India has sold 24,609 vehicles (domestic and export). This represents a massive increase of 92 percent YoY compared to 12,835 cars sold during January 2023.

Company sold 23,197 units in the domestic market, while 1,412 Toyota cars were exported to other country from India.

Toyota Monthly Sales

In December 2023 Toyota sold 22,867 vehicles, which was 119 percent more than the 10,421 vehicles sold in the same month of 2022. In December company has sold 21,372 units in the Indian market, while 1,495 cars were exported.

Similarly, if we look at the sales of November, 17,818 cars were sold during this period. Last year’s total sales (domestic and exports) were 2.33 lakh, of which 2.21 lakh were sold in the domestic market.

Finally we can conclude that Toyota has register MoM and YoY growth in January 2024.