Various Steps taken by the government to protect vehicles from Cyber Attacks, What are they?

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In view of the continuously increasing cyber attacks in the country, the Indian government is now working on a plan to protect vehicles from these attacks.
For this, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has proposed to bring a similar Cyber ​​Safety Management System (CSMS) for passenger and commercial vehicles, which will help in protecting the data of vehicles from hacking.

Let us know what information has been received about the steps of government to protect car from cyber attack.

MoRTH is planing for a CSMS of vehicles

Let us tell you that cyber security for vehicles means a situation in which the vehicles on the road and their functions are kept safe from cyber threats ranging from electronic parts to cyber crimes.

For this, MoRTH said in the draft titled ‘Approval of vehicles regarding Cyber ​​Safety Management System’ that vehicle manufacturers or their recognized representatives will have to apply for this system according to the type of different vehicles.

“The 66th meeting of the Automotive Industry Standards Committee (AISC) held on July 14 this year has agreed to formulate an Automotive Industry Standard (AIS) for CSMS for vehicles,” the draft report said.

“The objective of the AIS is to establish uniform provisions for CSMS fitted to M and N category vehicles,” it said. The CSMS defines procedures and responsibilities to protect vehicles from cyber threats.

Why CSMS is important for vehicles?

The threat of cyber crime in modern vehicles increases as the number of software codes increases. Cyber ​​attacks can not only infiltrate the vehicle’s systems, but also access the backend and third-party servers.

With the help of cyber attacks, the car’s steering, braking and infotainment systems as well as home EV charging can be targeted. For example, there is a risk of data theft when you connect an EV to a public charger.

To protect vehicles from cyber crime, car manufacturers have to ensure that the electronics system of the vehicle is strong.
Also, necessary steps should be taken to address cyber security concerns. According to many experts, for this, car companies should implement cyber-threat management.

Apart from this, there is a need for cooperation between car companies, government institutions and private software companies to overcome this challenge.

Tips to protect your car from Cyber Attack

Due to more electronic parts, electric vehicles are more vulnerable to cyber attacks. In such a situation, to protect your electric vehicle from cyber attacks, you should at least charge it from a public charger.

Apart from this, avoid connecting the infotainment system to unknown WiFi networks. Many people get the infotainment system installed from local shops instead of the company to save some money. Such infotainment systems can also steal data from your phone.

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