Discover what happened in the first Tesla Cybertruck accident case that has come to light.


The renowned electric car maker Tesla’s Cybertruck has been involved in an accident for the first time. The driver of a Toyota Corolla suffered just minor injuries in the collision with a Tesla Cybertruck.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) later acknowledged that the two images that a Reddit user had uploaded about the collision had caused it to become public. The southern portion of Page Mill Road in America was the scene of this disaster.

This is the order in which the incident occurred

The Verge reports that three occupants were in the Tesla Cybertruck when it was struck by a 2009 Toyota Corolla in the accident. The driver of the Toyota was a seventeen-year-old teenager.

The Toyota Corolla, according to the CHP, struck a dirt mound and then veered off the road, colliding with an approaching Cybertruck.
Additionally, it stated that the Cybertruck’s autopilot mode did not seem to be operating.

Experts have described the Cybertruck’s robust body as a danger to other automobiles

Road safety experts’ longstanding reservations about the Tesla Cybertruck’s design have been reinforced by the collision. They thought that pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles on the road could be more at risk from the stainless steel bodies of electric pickup trucks.

His statement regarding the potential for the Toyota Corolla’s body to inflict additional harm on the car ahead is consistent with the damaged state of the car seen in the accident images.

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