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Ford Motors may start business in India with Tata Motors, Partnership Done


Preparations are underway for Ford Motors to make a comeback in the Indian market, with various approaches being explored. Recent reports indicate a potential partnership between Ford and Tata Motors to introduce electric and hybrid vehicles.

Tata currently leads the Indian electric car market, which could aid Ford in its re-entry into the Indian market, while also offering Tata an opportunity to launch its vehicles in the American market.

Here, Know about the Tata and Ford partnership in details.

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Ford and Tata Partnership

Because of decreasing car sales and financial losses, Ford ceased its operations in India in 2021. The company owned two plants in the country, one located in Sanand and the other in Chennai.

Ford sold its Sanand plant to Tata Motors but retained ownership of the Chennai plant. Although negotiations were in the final stages with the American company JSW Group to sell the Chennai plant, Ford later reversed its decision.

Because of its close proximity to sea routes, the Chennai plant may serve as an export center for Asian nations for the company.

As per a recent report, insiders have disclosed that the plant might be kept operational to sell hybrid and electric vehicles alongside Ford SUVs.

Recently, the company had trademarked Ford Mustang EV and Endeavor. Furthermore, there are intentions to introduce the EcoSport compact SUV in this region.