Older Vehicle in Delhi

Heavy Fines Imposed on Older Vehicles in Delhi, New Rule


In response to the escalating pollution levels in Delhi, the authorities are actively preparing to address the issue by enforcing strict measures to restrict the circulation of aging vehicles in Delhi.

Vehicles surpassing the prescribed age limit, including cars and motorcycles, are prohibited from being on the roads. Nevertheless, despite this regulation, instances of older vehicles without valid fitness certificates continue to be observed on the streets.

The Delhi government has recently introduced fresh guidelines, which entail imposing substantial penalties on vehicle owners found in violation of these rules.

This initiative seeks to mitigate pollution and enhance air quality within the city.

Cars powered by petrol engines in Delhi are allowed to run for a maximum of 15 years from their initial registration date. Meanwhile, diesel cars have a 10-year limit for running within the city.

The same 15-year age restriction applies to scooters and motorcycles as well. Operating an old vehicle incurs penalties, with the possibility of the vehicle being seized.

Subsequent instances of vehicle seizure may not result in the return of the confiscated vehicles.

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Fine For Two-Wheelers and Four-Wheelers

Per the latest government orders, any car that surpasses the designated age limit and continues to operate within the city will be impounded.

Owners will face a penalty of β‚Ή10,000 for neglecting to prevent its seizure. Likewise, a fine of β‚Ή5,000 has been stipulated for aging two-wheeler vehicles.

These penalties will be enforced under the Delhi Maintenance and Parking Management Rules of 2019, which include specified towing charges and parking fees.