Jaguar Land Rover Plans Electric Vehicle Plant in India

Jaguar Land Rover Plans Electric Vehicle Plant in India: Development Goals


Jaguar Land Rover is planning to set up a plant in India for electric vehicles. Under this plan, the latest technological and production facilities in India will be utilized for the manufacturing and development of JLR’s electric vehicles.

The main objective is to meet the demand for electric vehicles in the Indian market, which will be a step forward in advancing environmental awareness and meeting the development goals of the Indian government.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), owned by Tata Motors, is exploring the possibility of manufacturing electric vehicles (EVs) in India. According to sources, discussions on this matter are nearing conclusion.

If it receives the green light, it will pave the way for the largest manufacturing plant for JLR outside of Britain. There is a possibility of investment in Sanand, Gujarat, concerning this matter. However, the company is also exploring other options, including Pune.

Jaguar Land Rover Plans

As per reports, negotiations for establishing a new plant in India have concluded 13 rounds thus far, with the 14th round commencing on January 10th.

A PTI report indicates that this significant endeavor has gained traction, particularly as discussions for the proposed India-UK Free Trade Agreement have progressed to the final phase.

It’s noted that the progress of these talks was assessed by the Prime Minister’s Office towards the end of the previous week. JLR is considering utilizing EMA architecture for electric vehicles, a technology that Tata Motors will adapt for its upcoming lineup.

According to Autocar Professional, Tata and JLR may invest billions in developing at least four models for this initiative over the next decade.

The plant aims to manufacture around 300,000 vehicles annually, with plans for export to international markets alongside domestic sales in India.