Mercedes-Benz SL Speedster is marketed as an AMG model

Mercedes-Benz Mythos sub-brand will be launched in 2025,


The inaugural model set to debut under the esteemed Mercedes-Benz Mythos sub-brand will be the Standard Luxury (SL) Speedster. In 2022, the company unveiled its intentions to introduce a novel ultra-luxury brand named Mythos for the very first time.

Following the declaration of financial outcomes for 2023, the company has now opted to unveil its maiden model under the ultra-luxury automobile brand in 2025.

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Mercedes-Benz Mythos sub-brand

The upcoming Mythos has been designated as a dedicated sub-brand for highly exclusive cars, implying that Mythos models will be produced in limited numbers.

It is anticipated that these cars will compete in the market with ultra-luxury cars such as Bentley, Aston Martin, and possibly Ferrari or McLaren.

To clarify, the first model to be launched under the Mythos sub-brand will be the SL Speedster. The latest generation of the Mercedes-Benz SL Speedster is marketed as an AMG model.

According to the report, it is expected that sales of the SL with the comeback badge will be the first to occur after launch. Mercedes-Benz’s chief designer, Gordon Wagner, launched a concept Mercedes Mey-back SL in 2022.

The Mercedes-Meback division recorded a 19 percent increase in sales on an annual basis in 2023. This has encouraged Mercedes-Benz to launch even more expensive and profitable cars in the market.