Kia Carens

Kia Carens Socore 5-star safety rating in Global NCAP Crash Test, Know full detail


Global NCAP has done the crash test of its Kia Carens MPV in which this car has been score 3-star safety rating in Adult and 5-star safety rating in child safety rating.

As per the test report this car scoredΒ an overall 3-star rating in adult protectionΒ scoringΒ 22.07 points out of a maximum of 34. While the body shell was rated unstable, GNCAP noted that the Carens offered good protection to the driver and passenger head inΒ bothΒ the front and side-impact tests.

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Apart from this the Protection to the driver’s chest area was rated adequate. However, protection to the occupant’s knees was marginal as it was exposed to impact from dangerous structures behind the fascia.