Is It Legal To Use Black Glass In A Car

Is It Legal To Use Black Glass In A Car? Know in detail

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Many people use Black Glass in cars to prevent sunlight from entering the cabin during summer days. Some people also use it to maintains the privacy of people sitting in the car.

Some people also tint the windows of their cars to show off by making the car looks more attractive. So, In this article let’s discuss about the Is it legal or illegal to use black glass in the cars.

Let’s know the details.

Is It Legal To Use Black Glass In A Car?
Is It Legal To Use Black Glass In A Car?

What is the rule in India for black glass in cars?

According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 and a Supreme Court order from May 2012, it is mandatory to have 70 percent visibility in car for the front and rear windshield.

Additionally, the side windows glass should have a visibility of at least 50 percent. Any car which does not follow these standards could result in a violation of the law, potentially leading to legal consequences. Police may issue fines for these.

The ban on sun films along with tinted glass was imposed after observing several criminal cases inside heavily tinted cars. Additionally, another reason for the ban is to ensure good visibility for the driver and reduce the risk of accidents due to limited visibility.

So, always ensure that the front windshield and front window of the car has visibility of 70 percent and rear window has visibility of 50 percent.

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Use this instead of black glass to prevent from heat.

You can use dark shades to avoid sunlight, which can also be removed when not needed. It cost effective, safe and legal in India.