Bajaj Motors Sales Reports of January 2024, registered 24 percent growth

Sales Report

Two wheeler manufacturer Bajaj Motors Sales Reports has announced its monthly sales figures for January 2024 in India.

According to the company’s sales report, Bajaj has sold a total of 3.56 lakh vehicles (two-wheelers and three-wheelers) last month with an annual growth of 24 percent in compare to the vehicles sold in January 2023. Last year company has sold nearly 2.85 lakh units in India.

In the domestic market, the company got nearly 2.3 lakh customers in January 2024, which is 31 percent more than 1.75 lakh customers in the same month last year January.

Bajaj Motors Sales Reports

Last month Bajaj Motors has also registered an increase of 12 percent in exports on an annual basis. Exports have increased from 1.12 lakh vehicles in January last year to 1.25 lakh vehicles.

There has been a 27 percent jump in total sales (domestic and exports) of motorcycles and scooters during the last month.

It has increased from 2.43 lakh to 3.08 lakh in January, 2023. During this period, the domestic market was 1.93 lakh and the export was 1.14 lakh.

In January, Bajaj has also sold 47,762 vehicles with a growth of 6 percent on annual basis in the sales of commercial vehicles (three-wheelers and quadri-cycles).

During this period, domestic sales increased by 12 percent to 36,693, while exports declined by 8 percent to 11,069. So far in the current financial year (April 2023 to January 2024), Bajaj has sold a total of 36.4 lakh vehicles, which was 33.6 lakh in the same period of the last financial year.


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