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Gulf Oil to Establish Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Partnership with Tirex Company

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As the promotion of electric vehicles (EVs) gains momentum in the country, there’s an escalating need to expand the charging infrastructure.

Consequently, numerous companies are rapidly venturing into establishing EV charging stations. Gulf Oil, a part of the Hinduja Group, is also expanding its footprint in electric vehicle mobility services by deploying EV charging stations.

In pursuit of this goal, it has partnered with the Tirex company. Let’s know about this in detail.

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Gulf Oil Partnership with Tirex Company For Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

During a discussion with CNBC-TV18, Ravi Chawla, the Managing Director and CEO of Gulf Oil, outlined five growth strategies for the company’s lubricant business and revealed plans for the sixth phase focusing on EV development.

In August 2023, Gulf Oil secured a 51% stake in Ahmedabad-based Tirex Chargers, a manufacturer of DC chargers.

Chawla expressed the company’s objective to attain a 10% market share in the DC charger segment through its association with Tirex.

Gulf anticipates earning around 500 crore rupees in revenue over the next 4-5 years through the transformation of EV charging stations.

Furthermore, the company has introduced EV fluids tailored for advanced electric vehicle powertrains, enhancing their operational efficiency.

These specialized fluids assist in stabilizing battery and power electronics temperatures, while also cooling the powertrain and transmission systems.