Mahindra BE.05

Mahindra BE.05 Electric SUV Will Soon Launched in India, Design Finalised


Mahindra & Mahindra is busy expanding its electric vehicle (EV) portfolio. Recently Mahindra BE.05 electric car has been seen during testing on Indian roads.

The shrouded test mule had ‘BE’ written on it and its design was being finalised. The test mule was equipped with outside rear-view mirrors and wipers. However, the headlamp units were still hidden. According to Mahindra, the BE.05 will be launched in October 2025.

Lets know about the features which may be available in this electric SUV.

Features of Mahindra BE.05 Electric SUV

The upcoming Mahindra BE.05 has a coupe-like design and despite being an SUV, it looks quite sporty.
The front door handles are taken from the Mahindra XUV700, fitting with the bodywork, while the rear door handles are mounted on the C-pillar.

Along with this, an integrated spoiler has been provided on the rear tailgate window, which will help in reducing drag and increasing efficiency. The carmaker will also offer a panoramic sunroof in it.

Mahindra BE.05 will be built on the INGLO platform, with a length of 4,370 mm, width of 1,900 mm, height of 1,635 mm and wheelbase of 2,775 mm.

Its wheels are placed at the corners, while the battery pack is in the floorboard. Its floor will be flat, so that 3 people will be able to travel comfortably on the rear bench seat.

The cabin is likely to get a head-up display (HUD) unit, a digital instrument console and a screen for the infotainment system. Mahindra BE.05 price can be around Rs 25 lakh.

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