TVS Raider 125 has become the company's highest-selling bike

TVS Raider 125 has become the company’s highest-selling bike, Know Its Features


The TVS Motors, a two-wheeler manufacturer has exceeded sales of 700,000 units of TVS Raider 125, making it the company’s top-selling motorcycle. Launched two years ago, the TVS Raider has achieved sales of 7.14 lakh units by January.

In the ongoing fiscal year of 2024, the Raider has sold 3.98 lakh bikes in 10 months, surpassing the 2.39 lakh sold in the fiscal year 2023.

Here, Know about this bike in details.

TVS Raider 125: Feature

In the fiscal year 2024, TVS has achieved total motorcycle sales of 10.21 lakh units, with the Raider 125 holding a 39 percent share.

Following the Raider in sales, TVS Apache holds a 30 percent share with 3.09 lakh units sold, Sport with 1.48 lakh units sold holds a 14.5 percent share, and Radeon with 1.09 lakh units sold holds an 11 percent share.

Furthermore, in the overall bike sales, Star City (37,329 units), Ronin (13,885 units), and Apache RR 310 (4,776 units) have also contributed.

Apart from TVS’s best-selling motorcycle in the current financial year, the TVS Jupiter scooter (6.99 lakh) and XL moped (3.99 lakh) follow closely as the third most popular TVS two-wheeler.

The company is enthused by its motorcycle sales in the fiscal year, which have exceeded 10.21 lakh units, surpassing the figures from fiscal year 2019, which stood at 10.14 lakh.

TVS anticipates further growth in sales by the end of the fiscal year.