Volvo FM Low Entry

Volvo FM Low Entry is the first all electric truck of the company, Know its Features

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Car maker Volvo is expanding its electric portfolio in the global market with new models. However company is only adding electric kit to its current ICE model, but in latest development company is planning to update its all vehicle with electric powertrain and soon Volvo will introduce its electric platform for the new models.

Now, Volvo has revealed its all electric truck Volvo FM Low Entry in the global market, which is built on company’s first EV only platform. This electric truck will be available in the five different configurations such as 4X2, 6X2, 6X4, 8X2 and 8X4.

lets know about the features of this electric truck.

Volvo FM Low Entry
Volvo FM Low Entry

Features of Volvo FM Low Entry

Volvo FM Low Entry is equipped with four 90 kWh battery pack. So, this truck has a total capacity of 360 kWh with 2 electric motors, I-Shift gearbox. This setup will easily delivers power of 483 Hp. This truck will give range of 125 miles (200 km) in full charge.

The charging time of this truck is 8.5 hour with AC (43 kW) and 1.5 hour with DC (250 kW). It can carriers load of Up to 32 tonnes.

There will be option 2 and 4 seater cabin with and extended high sleeper cab. It is also equipped with Volvo’s Advance Camera Monitor System to give drivers a best view of the surrounding.

The sale of this truck will begin soon in the global market. Volvo expect 50 percent of its global sales to be fully electric by 2030. This price of this truck will be around 1 to 1.5 crore.

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