Audi A4 electric will hit the market in India by the end of 2025


Luxury car manufacturer Audi is preparing to launch the electric version of its Audi A4 electric in India by the end of 2025. The company is forced to take this step to compete with companies like Tesla, BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the electric vehicle market.

The upcoming Audi A4 electric will be sold along with the new generation ICE model and will be named A5 in line with the company’s new strategy. Its design is likely to be similar to the A6 and Q6 e-tron.

In this article we will talk about expected features of Audi A4 electric.

Audi A4 electric: looks

The upcoming Audi A4 electric will be built on the PPE architecture developed in partnership with Audi and Porsche.
Audi’s technical chief Oliver Hoffman said that the new platform will get a larger frame, which designers like.

This platform will give the car short overhangs, low-profile bodywork and slanted glasshouses, which will differentiate it from the ICE models.

It is believed that the A4 EV will be offered in both sedan and wagon versions.

Will get a range of about 650 kilometers

The Audi A4 electric will get a next generation battery of about 100kWh capacity between the axles. It is estimated that it can achieve a range of up to 644 kilometers on a single charge, more than the Q6 e-tron SUV.

It will be equipped with standard 800V charging technology, which will be able to charge the battery at a maximum rate of 270kW.

This electric car will be able to cover a distance of about 249.4 kilometers with just 10 minutes of charging.

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