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Smart Tips to take care of your Bike in Summer

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Summer has started in India and heatwave has begun in many parts of the country. During hot season various types of problems arise in driving all kinds of car and bike.

We have to take special care of our motorcycles because negligence can cause their engines to seize in the intense heat. Additionally, there can be many other minor issues as well.

So, in this article let’s find out how to take care of our bikes during the summer.

Tips to take care of your bike.

In summer it’s important to keep the bike’s air filter clean as it quickly gets clogged with dust and dirt these days. Higher temperatures put more pressure on the bike’s tires, so it’s necessary to maintain the right air pressure to prevent punctures or blowouts.

Also, avoid parking the motorcycle in direct sunlight and refrain from filling the tank to the brim with fuel. Additionally, cleaning the engine fins helps keep it cool.

During the hot weather, getting the bike serviced on time can prevent many types of issues. Additionally, it’s important to keep checking the engine oil. If its level has dropped or if the oil has deteriorated, replace it immediately. Because this is crucial in preventing your engine from overheating.

For bikes with liquid-cooled engines, maintaining the coolant level and checking the radiator is also advisable.

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